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Coach Specific Information
Thank you for volunteering to coach!  Please remember both your coordinators and the rest of the board is
here to help you!  Please click on
Meet the Board if you need to contact one of us!

There is training available both online and in person.  Required training includes Safe Haven and Michigan's
Concussion Awareness.  The latter is a state law, not an AYSO law.  Once you've taken these courses you
don't need to repeat annually.  The other required training is age specific training.  Up through U10 you may do
either online or in person.  

To do any of the above training go to  You will need your AYSO id.  You may contact us
and we can provide you with this number.

If you would like a refresher course in any soccer skills, please contact our coach administrator.  Mike would be
happy to go over any questions you may have and is willing to meet with you as well for some face-to-face.  We
want you to feel ready for the new session!

Some helpful hints from our experience:
  1. We no longer ask for uniform sizes from parents.  We offer generic sizing for each age group.  Our
    suggestion is the day you hand out uniforms, line up the kids smallest to biggest and then hand out shirts
    smallest to biggest.
  2. Set up a snack schedule yourself.  If parents need to swap weekends, let them work it out themselves.
  3. Ask your players to arrive 10 minutes early to the game because inevitably some will be late.
  4. If you are traveling, call the other coach ahead of time to make sure nothing has changed.
  5. Tell the parents the kids love to play in the rain, it's only the adults that don't care for it.  We play in the
    rain unless it is lightening.  Early game cancellations don't mean later games will also be cancelled.  
    Storms move through quickly.
  6. Remind your parents you are not a babysitting service.  Practices end on time.
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