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Frequently Asked Questions - Spring 2014
Q:  When will we hear from our child's coach?
A:  You should hear from your child's coach by late August.  If you have not heard from your coach by then,
please email us at  But, do please give them to the end of August.  We are all
volunteers and early requests take up precious volunteer time. Teams will have practices prior to the first game.

Q:  When do games start?
A:  Spring 2014 games begin Saturday April 19th.  Game schedules and rosters will be distributed to coaches  
April 1st.  Please note that your child is registered to play both Fall 2013 and Spring 2014!  He/she will play on
the same team, with the same coach, for both seasons.

Q:  Why does it cost the same to play just the fall or spring session vs. fall and spring?
A:  Our costs are mostly fixed costs, regardless of number of games played.  The uniforms cost the same as well
as the insurance and National AYSO fees we pay for your child to play.

Q:  My child plays softball in the spring (or football in the fall).  Can he/she play just one season of
A:  Yes!  The price is the same whether you play one season or both, but it's fine to just play one season.  If you
will be playing Fall only, please tell your coach at the end of the fall season that your son or daughter will not be
returning for the spring so we can replace your child on the team in the spring.  If your child wants to play only in
the spring, indicate that on the registration form in May, or put your child on the waiting list during the winter.

Q:  Can I request that my child play with certain friends or with a particular coach?
A:  Unfortunately, with 800+ players, we have found we can't effectively manage all of these requests.  However,
if you are willing to coach, referee, or serve on the board, we will honor one "play with" request.  Our primary
objective in assigning teams is to have "balanced" teams, so we look at the players' abilities, age, and years of
experience.  We actually have a computer program that does this for us!

Q:  What equipment does my child need?
A:  Byron Center AYSO will provide your child with a jersey and matching socks (U12 and older also receive
shorts).  We do require that your child wear shin guards (available at any discount store like Meijer or Target, or
any sporting goods store).  Cleats are optional but recommended.

Q:  I'm willing to coach, but not sure I'm qualified.  Do you provide any training?
A:  YES!  Byron Center AYSO partners with qualified AYSO instructors to provide training to coaches of all age
levels, and all levels of coaching experience.  This training is free to AYSO coaches!  We will contact you during
the summer with the training schedule (it is a one night session).  You also receive free coaching equipment.

Q:  When is registration closed?
A:  Registration forms received after June 1st will be added to our waiting list.  If we can place you, we will
contact you.  Please do not send your form or check until we contact you.

Q:  What if I need to cancel my child's registration?
A:  No problem if prior to July 1st.  Refund requests must be made in writing to the registrar at the address below
or via email to our website..  Requests postmarked prior to 7/1/15 will receive a 100% refund.  Requests
postmarked prior to 7/15/15 will receive a 50% refund.  Refund requests received
7/16/15 or later will not be

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